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The Garden of my Dreams and Secrets

This sculpture, this series of wheel-thrown bowls and this installation were part of the project I developed for my diploma in ceramics.The theme I chose was "The Garden of my Dreams and Secrets". I decided to focus on the garden, especially on the tight link between a man and his garden and the way gardens may evoke harmony, dream and freedom. I also got interested in the symbolic meaning of gardens: the link between life and death, the link between Heaven and Earth and the relationship between what is visible and what is not.

My installation has to do with the link between landscapes and mindscapes. At first sight, the seven human faces of this installation all have a similar shape. Their true identity can be discovered inside their skull, partly hidden behind their exterior appearance, thanks to several elements which evoke nature, the vegetal realm or human thoughts and imagination.
My series of wheel-thrown bowls may contain vegetables for a picnic in the garden. The bowls are decorated with a representation of Japanese stone steps so as to evoke a path which can be real or imaginary and symbolic. It represents the walk we may have in a garden but it may also symbolize the life of someone who is growing up step by step.
My sculpture deals with the symbolic garden. The porcelain leaves evoke the emotions and thoughts that are part of a man's inner life. The contrast between unglazed stoneware and glazed porcelain creates an exchange between the two shapes, in order to evoke life which is characterised by a relentless movement between the interior and the exterior. The egg-like shape can be seen as a symbol of protection and birth.