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Welcome to " La terre d’Isa " - Isabelle’s ceramic planet !

Clay can be found nearly everywhere in the world, in every country we travel to. The earth on which we walk every day –without taking any notice of it- is also the ground everything is based on and the material thanks to which every form of life can grow up. The earth is sometimes forgotten or hidden under our urban constructions, yet it means a lot to me. Clay is the material I use in order to create functional or sculptural ceramics.  Day by day, I enjoy developing the close relationship I have with this material. I draw my inspiration from nature and its elements, the world around me and the feelings and situations we all experience in our everyday life.

I graduated from a ceramic school in Antibes and I am now making pottery near Montpellier in the south of France. I use different techniques to work with clay: modelling, wheel-throwing, slab-building, mould-making and slip-casting. The potteries are then left to dry and decorated if need be. After that, they are fired for the first time at 980°C for about ten hours. Then they are glazed using different kind of mineral elements mixed with water (feldspar, flint, China clay, alumina or whiting for example) as well as metallic oxides in order to get nice colours. And then the ceramics are fired for the second time at 980°C or 1280°C according to the kind of clay that is used and the effects I want to create. Once the kiln is unloaded, the potteries can be used or exhibited! They can travel in their own direction while I follow the path towards new forms and sources of inspiration...


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